Seaside Rendevous
A video about waste and waves, 2013

The contradiction between two extreme incompatible things like waste and nature are the core of the video "Seaside Rendezvous". The film shows old papers and wrappings lying in puddles. Wind forms waves and structures on the surface of the water. This overlay of object and waves lead in beautiful synergy.
Sound by Michael Merkelbach
The video was shot at the Baltic Sea 2013.

A poetry video, 2012

Two bored scientists get lost in their experiments and just philosophizes away. Poet Chirikure performs alongside Mando the beatboxer in live generated projections. Thus spoken word, beats and projections are forming a thrilling mélange.

How to Handle the Heat
An experimental video clip with music by Michael Merkelbach, 2007

Stunden Glas
Stunden Glas
Video Loop, 2006

Unter der Haut
Unter der Haut
Poetryfilm, 2006

Pistolen Triptychon Pistolen Triptychon Pistolen Triptychon
Pistolen Triptychon
Video Installation, 2005

Ich bin ...
Ich bin ...
Kurzfilm, 2004