Under the Flyover

by Yashas Shetty and Wolfgang Spahn
Zero was invented or discovered in India. It is an idea that opened new conceptual pathways for the human mind. The paradoxical idea that the void and emptiness are substantial in themselves. “Under the Flyover” uses Audio-Visual performances built with zero resources- using open source hardware. “Open-ness” is itself an idea closely tied in with zero-once again suggesting infinite pathways.
“Under the Flyover” was first developed and performed in India
“Under the Flyover”(zero) is the metaphor for analogue techniques that lie under the digital highway(one) of mainstream visions.  
In using handmade synthesizers and instruments Yashas Shetty and Wolfgang Spahn introduce analogue sound that merge with light and projections of hacked VGAs and Neontubes.  
Zero and one.

Under the Wheeler Road flyover, Bangalore, India (2016),
The Indian Sonic Research Organisation